Stained Glass from Welsh Churches


This blog was started in the summer of 2014 as a way of documenting reaction to the publication of my book Stained Glass from Welsh Churches, which gave the blog its title, and to provide some more information about it.

Three standing and kneeling saints depicted in stained glass.

Celtic Studios, Saints Cyfelach, Rhidian and Gwladys, probably 1959, Church of St Gabriel, Swansea

Now that this starting point has receded into the past, I will be broadening the nature of the posts, while retaining a focus on the study of stained glass. This is a subject which has increasingly, but by no means entirely, preoccupied me over the last ten years (writing at the beginning of 2016). It also comes at a point when, in collaboration with colleagues at Swansea College of Art, a new Research Centre for both the study of the history of stained glass, and of contemporary applied glass practice, is being established.

I have been working on subsequent smaller publications since the appearance of Stained Glass from Welsh Churches, and this blog will feature and augment them as they come along. I have also offered some comments on other new publications of relevance to the study of stained glass in Wales.

Ysgrifennaf y blog yn Saesneg, ond croeso i chi gwneud sylwadau yn y Gymraeg.