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I am looking forward to speaking to Eleri Sion on Radio Wales this afternoon about stained glass in Wales. Fortunately it is a short walk up to the BBC studio on the Aberystwyth University campus.

Around 2008 I was surprised when a few people, who knew me from my work on the Imaging the Bible in Wales project, introduced me as a photographer, as photography proved to be an important part of my contribution to the project. Trained in Fine Art and graduating in Interactive Arts in the 1990s, I have tended to think of myself as an artist, as a ‘catch all’ to encompass people who make images of all kinds. Recently I have often styled myself ‘Artist, Designer and Photographer’, partly as a way to try and get work that might not come my way if I were just an ‘artist’ (and I didn’t think ‘art historian’ would be much help here). It had occurred to me that having written a book, people might now start to call me an author, with all the connotations and resonances that this brings, and so it has come to pass. The subtitle on the BBC website reads:

‘Artist and author Martin Crampin introduces Eleri to the art of stained glass.’


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