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Makers from Wales

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In the introduction to the book I tried to summarise what was known of the makers of stained glass based in Wales prior to the 1960s. Among these were Bristow Wadley & Co. of Cardiff, and today I discovered the name of what was probably a similar firm in the north of Wales in Colwyn Bay. Leyland & Sons made a window in the Church of St Andrew, Colwyn Bay, which, according to a note in the church, was dedicated in March 1963. The window is a design across the five lights of the west window, depicting Christ with fisherman by the Sea of Galilee.

It may be that although they supplied, and indeed signed, the glass, they may not have painted or designed it. It would therefore be interesting to know of any further information about the extent of the capabilities of their stained glass studio. Similarly, further information about the stained glass studios of firms who made and supplied leaded lights, such as Bristow Wadley & Co. or Ashdown’s of Cardiff, would be very welcome.


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