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Extending the Stained Glass in Wales Catalogue

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I mentioned the comments facility on the online Stained Glass in Wales Catalogue in my last post, but didn’t expand very much about the resource. The site was launched in June 2011 and the development of the site is outlined on a page on the website. At the time of the launch it contained a large proportion, but not all, of the photography that I had done of stained glass in Wales, and this was made possible by a few small grants that paid for the cataloguing of the windows on the database (on top of what was already prepared as part of the Imaging the Bible in Wales Project.

Since then I continued to research stained glass for the book, Stained Glass from Welsh Churches, and my archive has grown significantly, but without the funding to continue cataloguing the work. In some cases I have added some of this research, but it has not been possible to keep pace with the fieldwork. Similarly, I have done much archival work, that has brought dates, makers and other details of windows to my attention, both for windows already on the site, and for many others not yet listed.

In the future I am hoping to seek further funding to add many more attributions, dates, archival information and bibliographic references to the material currently online, in addition to adding many hundreds of new windows to the resource. This cannot be undertaken in any quantity without further funding. In the short term, I will at least attend to any corrections to information that I become aware of, and will hope to add further records as time permits (but with my current commitments, not much!).

After the launch of the catalogue I wanted to make it possible for others to enlarge the resource if they wished. This is possible in two ways. Firstly, comments – new information, corrections and so on – can be submitted by clicking on the links found beneath records for windows, sites and artists/makers. Furthermore, it is possible to add records of other works in glass, with or without images. Some have kindly submitted records for all of windows from their churches, which have been added with images. Please contact me if you would like to do this. The records for windows can be very brief or very detailed, and information is particularly welcomed from sites other than churches. None of these submissions are published without checking and I edit them if necessary for consistency, and add subject references and links to artists/makers, with any other information that I have to hand.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the staff of the National Library of Wales, on whose servers the Stained Glass in Wales Catalogue runs, and Nigel Callaghan, of Technology Taliesin, who ensures that the site continues to work properly. Recently he fixed a bug that we weren’t aware of that seems to have blocked some user comments. This only came to our attention because I was told about the problem by a user, so please contact me if something doesn’t seem to work properly.

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