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Margaret Rope

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Virgin & Child.

Detail of a window by Margaret Rope, about 1934, Church of St Mary and St Michael, Llanarth (Monmouthshire)

Interesting piece on Radio Four today about Margaret Agnes Rope. The main thrust of the piece is that this excellent artist has been totally ignored, but the same can be said of many other Arts and Crafts artists working in stained glass in the tradition of Christopher Whall and Lowndes & Drury. And many others before and after their time.

Her work is not ignored in Stained Glass from Welsh Churches, in which two of her windows are shown, one of which is full height. I also included a full page detail of her sister’s window (Margaret Edith Aldrich Rope) at Esclusham, Wrexham.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2015 to anyone passing by in the next day or two.



  1. pangapilot says:

    I found this comment belatedly while searching for images of Lowndes & Drury’s Glass House. I totally agree with your sentiments and have enjoyed tour website down the years. I would just like to correct one point: M.E.Aldrich Rope was Margaret Rope’s cousin, not sister. She used the long name to avoid confusion, as her name was actually Margaret Rope, too. The elder was Margaret Agnes, the younger Margaret Edith.

    • martin says:

      Many thanks for correcting my sloppy family associations. The work of Margaret Agnes Rope will be celebrated at Shrewsbury Museum later this year, and there will be an associated publication to go with it. For information about the two artists there is a really useful website put together by a relative, Arthur Rope.

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