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After some years recording stained glass in Wales, primarily in places of worship, the way became clear to attempt to write a history on the subject. Without any funding to do this, but with so much material to hand, and most of the skills to bring it to fruition, I decided that this was something that I would commit myself to. It was a longer journey to reach the aim, eventually involving plenty of additional research: visiting and recording more stained glass, researching archives for more details about certain windows, and catching up with other writing about stained glass.

Cover of the the book Stained Glass from Welsh Churches with stained glass by Theodore BailyStained Glass from Welsh Churches was published in June 2014, and traces the history of stained glass in the churches of Wales. The book was printed and published by Y Lolfa, and can be ordered from their website for £29.95 including postage. Buy it now while it remains in print!

For a full description of the book see this post, and for a few spreads see here.

For the things I got wrong and learned since, see corrections!

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