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I am an artist working in west Wales. Since 1999 I have been based at the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies in Aberystwyth, where I have worked on research projects concerning aspects of visual culture in Wales. I am currently employed part-time on the ‘Cult of Saints in Wales’ project until March 2017.

work in glass for the exhibiition Beasts, Mosters and Mysteries

Martin Crampin, Ffenestr Ystrad Fflur II / Strata Florida Window II

For more about my work, including exhibitions, design and photography, please visit my website, where a contact email can be found.

This blog shares its title with my book, published in June 2014, which traces the history of stained glass in the churches of Wales. The book can be ordered from the publishers’ website for £29.95 including postage.

I have been recording stained glass, along with other artworks in churches, in Wales since about 2002, and this has gradually become central to my research since 2005. Thousands of my photographs of stained glass in Wales can be found on the Stained Glass in Wales Catalogue. The related database of biblical art in Wales is broader in terms of media, but narrower in terms of subject matter.

Soon after its launch in 2014, this blog was selected for inclusion in the UK Web Archive ‘as an important part of Wales’ documentary heritage.’

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