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Corrections and clarifications

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Right up until the point at which I sent the PDF files to be printed last April, I was still finding a few little mistakes in the text. This was accompanied by the sad realisation that there would be more errors that I might have missed: spelling, dates, punctuation, less than perfect image quality.

The day after I received my first copy from the press I spotted a mistake, and so it began. As well as this, new information comes to light, or to my attention anyway, rendering information in the book to be wrong.

Rather than pretending these things aren’t there, I have prepared a list of corrections, which can be downloaded from the link below. I will try to keep the list updated as new things turn up. In some cases these are things that have kindly been pointed out to me, speculatively sent ‘for a future edition’. Without going into details about the way that the printing costs were met (another time perhaps), I cannot imagine that there will be enough demand to justify the cost of putting the book on the press again. Hence the value of the following document (which should download when you click on it):

Stained Glass from Welsh Churches Corrections

In many cases the windows are listed and illustrated on the online Stained Glass in Wales Catalogue. Where this is the case I would encourage anyone who has additional information or corrections on windows to send comments via the comments facility there (about half way down the pages). There are, however, windows in the book that are not on the catalogue, through lack of time on my part, so this is not possible in all cases (something else I should expand on another occasion).

Alternatively please contact me directly by email with any mistakes in the book that you find. You will find a contact email address on my website. I am very grateful to all of those who have taken the trouble to point out mistakes in the text.

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